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How to register for a SSOVA AVP/USAV Sanctioned tournament!

  1. Purchase a Silver AVP America membership. This is required for all adults and juniors as we are sanctioned through AVP America.

  2. Go to and purchase the "Silver" membership. $35 /year from date of purchase.

  3. Once you have your AVP America number you can register with a partner on our website click: "Register Now".

  4. Each player needs an active AVP America number.

  5. If you need a partner you can fill our our "Free Agent Form" and we will do our best to connect you with a partner. Click "Need A Partner?".

How to register for a Junior's P1440 Sanctioned tournament!

  1. Purchase a P1440 Membership. This is required for each player. Purchase Here:

  2. Once you have a P1440 membership you can register for SSOVA P1440 events here:

What level should I play?

  1. We have divisions for amateur's to the pro's and juniors!

  2. Open Level Adults is the pro level; for career players. 

  3. AAA: Highly Advanced 

  4. AA: Advanced 

  5. A : Intermediate 

  6. BB: Beginner  

  7. B:  Recreational 

  8. Juniors must play in their age group or higher. They can also play in adult divisions. See "Juniors" page for more details.

  9. Juniors have 2 levels; Open & Club. Open is the higher level. ​​


  1. Adult's Open: $150 per team.

  2. All other Men's/Women's/Coed's: $80 per team.

  3. Junior Girl's 14s-18s: $100 per team. (1 day events)

  4. Juniors Girl's 12s & Junior Boys: $90 per team. (1 day events)

  5. Junior Girl's 12s-18s: $200 per team. (2 day events)

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