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2024 SSOVA Schedule
Saturday:Men's/Women's Open Check In 7:30-8:00am Play at 8:30am
Men's/Women's AAA-B: Check In 8-8:30am Play at 9:00am
Sunday:  Juniors Check in 7:30-8:00am Play at 8:30am
COED Adults Check In 8:00-8:30am Play at 9:00am

To Register: Click Register Now
Registration Deadline is Thursday at 3pm for Adults Open Level and
Friday at 12pm (noon) for Men's & Women's. Saturday at 3pm for Coed's & Junior's.

2024 schedule .png


SSOVA is the first organization to be DUAL AFFILIATED WITH


What does this mean for the players?

  1. Every SSOVA event is a Qualifier for the AVP & USAV:

    1. AVP Nationals (1 Star): Dec ’20 - June ‘21

    2. East & West Coast Championships Qualifier (1 Star): June ’21 – Nov ‘21

      1. Bids awarded to

        1. 1st and 2nd (5 Team minimum)

        2. Girls 18, 16, 14, 12 and for Boys 18, 16, 14


  1. USAV BRQ (Beach Regional Qualifier)

    1. Bids awarded to:

      1. 1st, 2nd, 3rd in Gold Divisions.


  1. Do I need both memberships for AVP America & USAV?

    1. Yes.

  2. What else are the benefits of Dual Affiliation?

    1. With USAV the players can create a path to go to the Olympics.

    2. Safety: All SSOVA employees have passed a background check and have completed the SafeSport Certification.

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