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SSOVA's Top 10 Players for Adults and Juniors 


SSOVA's point system is for playing in SSOVA events only. Points are awarded as follows:


1st Place: 10 Points

2nd Place: 9 Points

Tied for 3rd Place: 8 Points

Tied for 5th Place: 7 Points

Tied for 9th Place: 6 Points

Anything lower than 9th including NOT making the playoffs: 5 Points

The Top 10 Players in each Division (EXCLUDING OPEN) at the end of the 2019 Season will receive FREE Individual Entries for the 2020 Season:


1-2 Place: 6 Free Entries (all season next year)

3-6 Place: 3 Free Entries

7-10 Place: 1 Free Entry 

Adult Rankings Updated 8/13

open this document for adult rankings

(see tabs for divisions):


juniors Rankings Updated 8/13

open this document for Junior rankings
(see tabs for divisions):

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